COVID-19 weekly summary for Alberta; Nov. 30 - Dec. 6

Photo: United Nations COVID-19 Response The following is an attempt at amalgamating the news of the past week as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta.  It was quite a busy week, so let's get right to it. NOV. 30   Monday brought us a story that has a familiar ring to it. Alberta once again broke COVID-19 records that day with 1,733 new cases, two more than the previous single-day record set Saturday, Nov. 28. The new record would not even last until the end of the week. For three days prior to this “grim milestone” (a phrase that is now becoming over used, which in itself should give you a sense of the situation in the Province) Alberta reported more than 5,000 new cases: 1,731 Nov. 28 and 1,608 on Sunday.   That day also, Dr. David Zygun, medical director for the Edmonton zone, reported plans to increase the province’s ICU bed capacity for adults from 173 to 425 within weeks . AHS said it had plans in place on Monday to use “unconventional ICU spaces” in order to accomp

Kitchen reflections

We all have to eat at some point.  It's the way in which we chose to fuel our bodies that can make a difference.   In some circles - like some of the construction crews I work with who will frequently default to take out or pre-packaged "microwave and serve" lunchtime meals - that is often not thought about. A healthy diet, health authorities tell us, is especially important during these pandemic times. Poor nutrition can lead to a litany of problems that can add up in a body and make it more susceptible to attacks from the exterior environment. "A healthy diet is important to keep your immune system working at its best," Alberta Health Services said in an early-in-the-pandemic COVID release.  Of course, there is no single nutrient - no vitamins, minerals or natural health products that target and fight COVID-19 - healthy eating and staying hydrated is important to protect against illness at any age. But still, all to regularly there are many among us who are ei

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