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Falling out of the sky: the perfect 2020 Christmas Story

Juliane Koepcke in 2019.  Some of you may not know the story of Juliane Koepcke, a German-Peruvian mammalogist who on Christmas Eve 1971, fell 3.2 km out of the sky - and survived, only to wake up alone, still strapped to her airline seat in the Amazon rainforest where she would spend the next eleven days trying to find civilization.   I only found out about this recently and I think the story rings a certain harmonic note with 2020.   A day after her High School graduation in Lima, Koepcke and her mother, Maria were desperate to spend Christmas with her father, Hans-Wilhlellm, at Panguana - a biological research station and private conservation area extending over 10 square kilometres of forest where he lived and worked. Many of the flights that night were booked as Peruvians (a mainly Roman Catholic nationhood) traveled home for the holidays. But Juilane and her mother managed to find some seats on a Lineas AĆ©reas Nacionales S.A. (LANSA) flight. The airline had a poor reputation and

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