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UCP slips behind NDP in polls

Amidst harsh criticisms and the reciprocating staunch defence to the United Conservative Party government’s response to the second wave of the COVID-19 virus, polls are starting to show that Albertan’s are increasingly in favour of a change at the top.   An Environics Research poll commissioned by the Canadian Union of Public Employees surveyed 1,205 Albertas between Nov. 10-23. The results show that if an election were held now, Jason Kenney and the UCP would be sent packing and the NDPs Rachel Notley would sweep in to form government.   To be clear, the next Alberta election isn’t until 2023 and the impact of this poll on that race is less than nil. However, the numbers do show growing discontent at this time with the Provincial government.   The poll found 47% of decided voters would support Notley and the NDP, which is up from 33% in the 2019 election. The UCP support came in at 40%, down 54% from 2019.   The data shows that public opinion sways in favour of the NDP in the Edmonton

Military to play central role in Canada's COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Health Canada could approve first vaccine by mid-December, reports Major-General Dany Fortin - who it was announced today will lead Canada's COVID-19 vaccine rollout -passes on command of a NATO training mission in Iraq to Major-General Jennie Carignan at a Transfer of Authority Ceremony held at the Union III Military Base, Baghdad, Iraq on November 26, 2019 Photo: Cpl Ryan Moulton/Canadian Forces Combat Camera Almost a year to the day he returned to Canada after completing his command of a NATO-led training and capacity-building mission in Iraq, it was announced that Canadian Forces Major-General Dany Fortin will be leading the nation's vaccine rollout.   This announcement via reports Friday morning  from CTV News,  comes on the heels of news Nov. 26, that Health Canada is on track to approve the first COVID-19 vaccine before Christmas.   Military teams are already working with the Public Health Agency of Canada on planning for delivery and distribution of the vaccine, a ccord

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